Are you good enough to go to Heaven?
Jesus is coming soon. Time is running out. We can choose where we will spend eternity. Have you chosen Heaven? Eternity is forever. Where will you spend eternity? Where Will You Spend Eternity?

What is your excuse for not following Jesus?
No matter what your excuse is God has heard them all. See if your excuse is in this list. 20 Excuses For Not Accepting Jesus

What would you say to God if He came knocking at your door?
You might be surprised at what He has to say. Chat With God

Have you kept all the Commandments?
Take the Ten Commandments Quiz. See if you pass the test. Quiz

Choose to follow Jesus now before it's too late.
God gives us the free will to choose to follow Him or not. But we have to make the decision to trust Him now. After we die it is too late. Your Decision