Brother Trouble

Most of us have brothers and sisters. Sometimes we got along and other times we didn't. There always seems to be one sibling in the family that is a little more mischevious than the others. Kind of like the bad seed. Always getting in trouble. Maybe you had a brother or sister like that. You strived to be good and please your parents but your brother seemed to not care at all. He was always doing something he shouldn't.

Now do you think it would have been fair to you if your parents just kind of winked at your brothers escapades and never punished him? There you are always trying to do what is right and your brother, who was always getting in trouble, never got reprimanded for it at all. How would you feel? It wouldn't be fair would it? Why should you work so hard to do what is right if it means nothing at all?

Well, that's what most people want God to do, just wink at their sin. They think, yes, they do things they shouldn't but God won't mind. He won't punish us, afterall, there are other people in the world doing worse things than us. But the Bible says we are ALL sinners, no one is good. We all fall short of God's standard which is to be perfect.

The Bible says God is not only a God of love but He is also just and must punish sin. It says He does not leave the guilty unpunished. God is totally fair. If God just let the guilty go unpunished then He couldn't be trusted because He wouldn't be a fair God.

The good news is that God took your punishment for you on the cross. Jesus died for all your sins, past, present and future. Ask Him to forgive you for the wrong things you've done and turn and follow Him. You will never be sorry you did.